Peter Reagan is an experimental physicist with good blend of practical, theoretical and marketing skills. He has thirty years experience in all aspects of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

Skills & Experience

  • Brainstorming with team to solve problems
  • Technical presentations
  • Written proposals
  • Design, fabrication & operation of CVD systems
  • Graphite heating element & induction design & assembly (up to 2200C)
  • Hot & cold wall heating chambers
  • Vacuum & filter systems
  • Written procedures for chamber assembly, leak checking, deposition & emergency shut down
  • Experience in CVD of W, C, SiC, ZnSe, ZnS, Si, CdTe, GaS, GaP, Mo, Pt, Rh, Nb, PG & diamond
  • Deposition of coatings, infiltration & monolithic materials
  • Net shape mandrel design & deposition
  • Multiple rotation design & fabrication of substrates

Deposited & fabricated the following materials

  • SiC Radiant tubes, heat exchangers, heat pipes, thermionic, mirrors 
  • substrate, semi-conductor edge rings & shower heads, heaters
  • ZnSe Laser windows
  • ZnS  Laser windows
  • CdTe Laser windows
  • GaAs   Laser windows
  • GaP   Laser windows
  • W  Thermionic, heat pipe
  • Re  Rocket nozzles
  • Ir  Rocket nozzles
  • Mo  Thermionic
  • C  Thermionic, heat pipe
  • Si  Coatings

Designed, fabricated, operated & tested CVD pilot & production systems operating up to 2200C and up to  8’ in diameter by 9’ high.

Experience with induction, RF and resistance heating for high temperature vacuum & atmospheric chambers.

Designed, fabricated & operated simple & complex input & exhaust gas systems.

Responsible for fabricating large SS sputtering system 14’ by 12’ by 40 capable of sputtering 12 target materials.